Alternative Replacement for Vishay new series high voltage ceramic capacitor HVCC, HFU , HFZ , HFE

Mar 18, 2020

HVC Capacitor is well replacement option for Vishay's new series high voltage ceramic disc capacitors

March 19, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Shenzhen ,China -March 19th,2020
HVC Capacitor today announce lauch special production solution to replace World famous high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer -Vishay.Since mid of 2018, World first brand of high voltage ceramic capacitor Murata quit the market, Vishay become the major option for a lot end customer. Although Vishay high voltage ceramic capacitors product in quite high standard like Murata, but Vishay with disadvantge like higer cost than Murata and keep long production lead time(10 to 24 weeks). Making Vishay not a best replacement option for Murata HV ceramic capacitors.

Since 2018 to 2019, high voltage ceramic capacitor giant Murata quit the market,competitor include Vishay and HVC Capacitor have release their new product range to cover this market share.

HVC Capacitor offer same to higher spec to Vishay's new capacitor series.also providing better cost and short leadtime and purchasing availability. All of this make HVC Capacitor be a more attractive option while customer doing Murata replacement. And HVC do approval by lot fortune 500 companies.

1)Vishay High Frequency low capacitance N750 series, prefix from "IEL"
This is target to Murata's SL class capacitor(like 20KV 22PF SL), but offer a higher voltage level than original Murata model.
HVC Capacitor may use UJ or SL class dielectric as replacement.And HVC max now available model up to "50kv 22pf SL"


2)Vishay's new HVCC series higher capacitance series ,2NF.
Normally for Medical X-ray and NDT, bagger X-ray scanner market.Customer always using Murata's 15KV 1000PF N4700,
Vishay use Y6P (class II) ceramic dielectric to produce higher capacitance to 2000pf. aim to help lower down customer's component quantity and cost down. But Y6P still belongs to Class II capacitor and with quite higher dissipation factor 1.5% ,but tradtional high end X-ray application using N4700 class I ceramic dielectric and Insulation resistance in 200 000 MOhm and D.F only

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