Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario Provides Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Services In Ontario, CA

August 26, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Ontario, California residents in need of a car accident attorney need not look any further than California's best car accident attorney, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario. In a world where nearly everyone has access to a communication device of some sort, it is safe to assume that accidents caused by texting while driving are bound to happen—and the involved party might then find themselves the focus of a distracted driving case.

As Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario states, “The National Safety Council found that 1.6 million car accidents are caused by cell phone use. And more than 350,000 people were injured in one year as a result of a driver who was texting. To highlight how dangerous this is, texting and driving is six times more likely to lead to a smartphone use auto accident. In 2016 alone, more than 250 teenagers were killed.” According to the National Occupant Protection Use Survey, 5% of drivers hold their smartphones to their ears, which means over half a million drivers are constantly at risk of being involved in a car accident as a result of being distracted. Many of these distracted drivers are young people who are somewhat less aware or less concerned about the potential ramifications of their actions.

Distractions are not always caused by a driver’s decision to use their phone while driving, however. Navigation units like GPS are some of the worst distractions for a driver. Studies have shown that programming a GPS makes one 23 times more likely to be involved in accidents involving smartphone use. For this reason, drivers are advised to program their GPS before beginning their journey and pull over whenever they need to make changes.

Even if one takes every precaution, an accident occurring as a result of distracted driving is still a possibility. In cases like these, it is advised that one consult a qualified auto accident attorney as soon as possible. “If you have been in an auto accident as a result of a distracted driver, you have legal rights. You are entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries and emotional distress,” says Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario. The firm offers free consultations to anyone looking for legal advice in case of an auto accident caused by a distracted driver. During these consultations, clients can determine exactly what they are entitled to and how best to approach the case. Read more about the attorney services offered online here: Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario CA.

A number of clients have worked with the attorneys at Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, both in cases involving distracted drivers and in cases involving personal injury in a number of other environments. Many of these clients had great things to say about the firm, and they left positive reviews praising Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Ontario. “Was represented by Napolin Law for a personal injury case,” says Steve Lache. “The case settled for more than I expected and Mr. Napolin took extreme care of me and my legal case against a hit and run driver. The process was smooth, the treatment I received helped, and, in the end, I got a pretty good sized settlement. The Napolin Law Firm is the real deal.”

Another review from a client named Jenna Maria states, “I grew up in California and work in a warehouse there. I was injured in an accident at work in the warehouse. There were no witnesses and my foreman said that I would be fired if I reported it. Later that week, I found Napolin and met with him in California. He explained all of my legal rights and took over from there. There was a big court fight and Napolin won the benefits that they denied me. I don’t know what I would have done without this California accident injury lawyer. Highest recommendation!”

Those looking for a distracted driving injury lawyer are advised to contact Napolin and speak to one of their attorneys today. Find out more online at Distracted Driving Car Accident Injury Attorney Ontario CA.


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